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    Q1: Could we re-label those classrooms? I noticed there are 5 rooms designated as kids’ classrooms and two for youth and middle school. I understand it maybe for illustration only. However, it may cause confusion among students and let them think that our church put more resources on children and youth instead of students. Actually, those rooms will be multifunctional, can be cell group study room, fellowship room, etc. The only time that those rooms will be used for kids are during children Sunday school. At that time, all adults will be at the sanctuary. For AWANA, I don’t think we need that many rooms. I would suggest to re-label them as Room 1, Room 2 to avoid confusion and misunderstanding and let students know that those rooms are not for kids only. As a matter of fact, student cell groups may use them more frequently than kids.
    A1: The rooms were labeled this way by the architect. The reason is that, since we have a children’s ministry, certain rooms need to fit the building code for those children. Some of the rooms labeled for children will be multi-purpose, although the younger kids’ classrooms will be reserved strictly for those ages. However, college students will not be left out; they are assumed to be grouped together with adult classrooms. The architect labeled those multi-use rooms as adult rooms because most college students are legal adults in the US.

    Q2: I would suggest to reserve a small open space as indoor play area for kids. We can put some slides, castles for little kids to play with and burn energy. Can we reduce the size the nursery and room for 1-3 year olds? In that way, there will a small area opened up between nursery room and middle school classroom.
    A2: We can talk to the architect about this, although we could also just switch the rooms around when we move in. Good suggestion.

    Q3: For classroom 4G-6G, 2G-3G and 4 Years, does each room have two entry doors? One is open to corridor, and the other one open to the children’s play area? Is the play area fenced? If not fenced, I would suggest to only keep one door open to the corridor. I am afraid some kids will try to go outside if we have another door open to an open space outside.
    A3: If those doors actually exist in the final sketches (there is no guarantee whether they will or not), there will be a fenced-in area outside for building a playground.

    Q4: What is the expected monthly cash flow for this project? Do we need to collect all needed funding before signing the contract? If we know how much we need to collect monthly, it will be helpful for families to budget their own cash flow. Also, we can make specific prayer request to God.
    A4: We need as much money as possible in-pocket from pledges, alongside with the bank account sum; the more money we have collected by the time we sign, the better. It is crucial now to pray for God to supply. There is no question that He can; we just need to work hard and trust Him. This is something that we will discuss and decide on as a congregation; in fact, we are hoping to hold a church Q&A meeting in the next few weeks. Recently, we sent out a second wave of fundraiser letters to church alumni. We talked with Dan and he said that we need to have our finances in order before we sign to constract. Any pledge money that has not been donated yet needs to be covered as well. We will talk through this more, but don’t worry: we are on the right track.

    Q5: 我有个关于设计的问题,厨房做完了菜,大家在哪里吃呢?前厅么?看上去不够大呀。
    A5: 我们当时是把所有空间都充分利用,请看附件pdf文件中用蓝色粗线圈出的三块区域和中文解释.如果你的阅读器无法看到我的注释,请看附件中的png格式的截图.

    Q6: 请确保厨房有足够的空间可以供同工备菜.
    A6: 谢谢你的提醒!这属于后期内装的设计,我们会记下的.

    Q7:我认为female restroom not enough! 我们可能需要排队上厕所!
    A7:谢谢!这份概念图只是按照设计规范要求的最少的厕所和蹲位数量来考虑的, 在后期的图纸设计中, 我们会想建筑师转达这个要求的.

    Q8: Make sure put drums, piano and other music devices in a lower place in the worship area.
    A8:谢谢! 我们目前正在和声光音响设计师沟通我们的需求. 会向他们转达这个要求的.

    Q9: Where is the MEP equipment storage room?
    A9: Outside the building.







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